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On April 29, 1993, A.A. World Services Board distributed a statement advising that it would no longer oppose the use of the circle and triangle symbol on medallions, jewelry or other items.


For a number of years prior to that date, individuals and organizations, other than A.A. entities, used the circle and triangle symbol in connection with goods and services marketed primarily to A.A. members. When G.S.O. began to receive reports from the Fellowship regarding such misuse, along with related expressions of concern, A.A.W.S. responded with exhaustive, good faith efforts to prevent the continued, inappropriate use of its registered symbol. This policy was consistent with A.A.’s Sixth Tradition, the gist of which, as applied here, would urge that A.A. should not be associated with goods and services provided by sources outside of A.A.


However, the burden of increasingly costly and time-consuming efforts, including litigation, diverted resources from activities which related more directly to fulfilling A.A.’s primary purpose. At some point, then, A.A.W.S. decided that continued efforts to protect the circle and triangle mark could no longer be justified.


Consistent with A.A.W.S.’ original purpose in protecting the circle and triangle mark, that is, its desire to avoid the appearance of association or affiliation with outside goods and services, A.A.W.S. phased out its own “official” use of the circle and triangle symbol on, or in connection with, its literature and other materials, and its services.


Note: However, A.A.W.S. will continue to oppose any unauthorized use of the registered trademarks and service marks, “A.A.” and “Alcoholics Anonymous,” whether or not used in combination with the circle and triangle. The unauthorized use of other registered marks, including, “The Big Book,” “Box 4-5-9,” “A.A.W.S.,” “The Blue People,” “AA Grapevine,” “Grapevine,” “The Grapevine,” “Box 1980,” “GV (trademarked symbol)” “La Viña/The Vineyard” and “AA Grapevine Inc.,” will also be opposed by A.A.W.S. or Grapevine Inc., as appropriate.

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